Thank you for visiting our web site. The very fact that you're here indicates your desire to create a more peaceful and productive educational world. We're here to do the very same thing. We call it
"The Peace Zone."

We believe that our mindfulness program can create better grades, higher standardized testing scores, and a healthier scholastic environment. Our goal is not only to positively affect the classroom, but also to empower the internal character of each child, and to nurture his or her commitment towards a more peaceful society, a "Power Of Peace" culture.

We need YOU to partner with US! We need to do it TOGETHER. Please join us in our journey. We're anxious to tailor a program to create "The Peace Zone" within your classrooms and throughout your school.

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         Peace Zone Enterprises is an organization that is dedicated to bringing an innovative, mindfulness classroom management technique into our school system. It incorporates all of the following: mindfulness strategies, character-development, anti-violence/anti-bullying, positive energy classroom management, as well as a stress-reduction for both students and teachers. While creating a tremendous transformation for both teachers and students, all of these strategies are easily assimilated into the existing classroom curriculum and is compatible with any content area.

         We call our method "The Peace Zone," and we have "Welcome to the Peace Zone" manuals available for both students and teachers. In addition, we will provide professional development, consultation services, as well as in-classroom support to help you transform your school to a more peaceful, more productive, positive energy environment. Extending "The Peace Zone" beyond classroom walls, we also offer public speaking for parents and community involvement, in addition to providing our new book for families called "Welcome To The Peace Zone for Families." For even greater personal energy empowerment, we offer student and teacher "Integrated Energy Therapy" workshops. For a full detail of our services, please refer to Services.

         While we increase the positive atmosphere of your school, we're hoping you will notice a tremendous increase in grades, standardized testing, staff job satisfaction, and excellent student behaviors.

         We'll provide the positive energy foundation and atmosphere. You provide the curriculum. Please permit us to join you in helping your students flourish to the ultimate heights of their abilities.

By Jayne Donato Dempsey (previously Milak-Dempsey)

The truth today is that our schools are in trouble. They're not in trouble for lack of curriculum or lack of great teachers, but I believe that they're in trouble because there is simply too much stress, chaos, and a host of negative energies in our educational facilities. Why is violence climbing? Why is anti-bullying such a huge undertaking? Why is classroom management such a challenge? Why are teachers so stressed and frustrated? With all the money that's being poured into our schools, why haven't our standardized testing schools climbed? Why is the level of anger growing so high, that radio and TV news flashes literally terrify us with incidents of school unrest?

I believe it's because we've failed to provide the right atmosphere for which students can learn and teachers can educate. We may be teaching our children subjects that are truly necessary for them to succeed in life scholastically, but are we teaching them effective, positive, practical life skills to inter-act with any person or any group of people, so that they can "win" in any environment? Are we equipping them with empowering tools to handle challenging emotional situations that can otherwise drown their educational focus? Maybe "here and there," but not with a consistent system of a peaceful "culture" - a place where peace is "cool" and calm is "in," a place where we all "enjoy" the learning process. That's what we need, to create a new "norm" of peace, a peaceful "space" to learn and grow.

That's my job – the job of "Peace Zone Enterprises." Welcome to my world. This is your first step in joining me to transform our worlds together. I hope you like it here and will make it your home.


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Great Communication Starts With Us

Within the Peace Zone concept is the drive to understand each other and to communicate in every way possible, so we can all create the "Win-Win" atmosphere that we're teaching to the students.

Listed below are several ways to reach us at Peace Zone Enterprises:


Email us at:  JayneDempsey@PeaceZoneEnterprises.com

Call us at: (856) 566-5119 | Cell: (856) 220-0561

Write to us at:  22 Yarmouth Way
                          Gibbsboro, NJ 08056

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Thank you!!

About the Author (Please click to open/close)

Jayne Donato Dempsey (previously Milak-Dempsey) is both an author and an educator. She is also a wife, the mother of five children, a Master Instructor in Integrated Energy Therapy, and will be ordained an Inter-Faith Minister in June 2009.

A Middle School Teacher in Southern New Jersey, Jayne is dedicated to transforming the educational environment into a more peaceful, enjoyable, and more productive one - through the implementation of positive energy techniques. "Our students and teachers need easy techniques to increase both students' love of learning and teachers' enthusiasm of teaching," she explains. "A classroom management style needs to be simple, easy to follow, and one with practical techniques that ultimately produce a new culture - a new way of having peace as the norm, the accepted calm, enjoyable, cooperative culture that every child and educator deserves," she continues.

All too often, teachers are given a very complex system that adds another project for assimilation into our already challenging curriculums. "Welcome to the Peace Zone" presents not only an innovative classroom management system, but one that incorporates four programs into one: character-development, anti-violence/anti-bullying, positive classroom management, as well as a stress-reduction for both students and teachers. Peace Zone Enterprises is dedicated to "make it happen" for one classroom - or one school district- at a time.

Thank you for taking the time to consider our new ideas and for being interested in making our children's worlds more peaceful and productive.

Student Edition Teacher Edition
PZE Student Edition PZE Teacher Edition
Spanish Student Edition Spanish Teacher Edition
PZE Spanish Student Edition PZE Spanish Teacher Edition
Home Edition For Early Learners
PZE Home Edition Welcome to The Peace Zone for Early Learners

All books can be purchased at Lulu.com and by clicking on the book covers above.

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The following is a list of services provided by Peace Zone Enterprises, alone, or in combination.
We'll create the package that's best for your school's individual needs, goals, and assessments.

Professional Development (Please click to open)
The Peace Zone is an innovative system that starts within the hearts of teachers and staff. It's not just a new way of providing techniques to the students, but one that requires change for adults as well. Professional Development is necessary for a 3-4 hour session, done consecutively or as a series.
Welcome to the Peace Zone Manuals (Please click to open)
Full color, attractive manuals are provided for teachers and students. The manuals are purposely only 40 pages. The point is to provide a simple, detailed system with repetitive techniques that become automatic over time. The instruction is all about "how to" act and react, as opposed to what "not" to do. It is an empowerment tool for both students and teachers. Please refer to our book page for more detail.
Consultation with Administration, Staff, Parents, and Students (Please click to open)
This will be a Journey to Peace. Change will not happen overnight, as much as we'd love to believe it will. We are available to meet with the full range of the student body and staff, assessing individual classroom needs as we go along, as well as successes and challenges that need to be addressed. We're prepared to stay with you through this process.
In-Class Support (Please click to open)
In teaching this program to other teachers, I've been told over and over that this is one of the best tools that we can provide. It's proven extremely helpful to actually come into the classroom to model this system and to coach the individual teacher and students in their own classroom environments.
Individual or Group Student Integrated Energy Therapy (IET) Program (Please click to open)

IET for Kids Workshops

This is certainly a new concept and one that needs more explanation. However, there is an energy work available that is strictly for kids and strictly geared as a school version of IET. To our knowledge, it is the only energy system that is available specifically for children. It's another empowerment tool that students can learn, working only on themselves, to individually clear their own energy systems.

For more information, read this article.

IET Therapy for Students

We're in a world that is now learning the benefits of energy work. Many hospitals provide nurses that specifically do energy work on patients, to support the healing process. With the approval of parents, and in conjunction with your school's intervention team, we can provide individual IET energy sessions for students that are having a difficult time overcoming emotional issues. Time after time, we often see repetitive negative behavior in some students that keep on repeating adverse patterns. We see them in discipline offices time after time, one year to the next, and the cycle continues. Sometimes, we see just the opposite – a child that exhibits behaviors of being unusually withdrawn.

Often, there is an emotional block that freezes that child, maybe from a death in the family or any host of problems that may have occurred. This is a "non-touch" therapy that we can do, in conjunction with current school interventions, to unlock the roadblocks within this child and give him or her a new beginning.

Public Speaking (Please click to open)


That's our slogan. That's what we do. That's what you'll be doing, if you adopt our system. This idea, however, goes into many facets and many groups of people. You may want us to speak at the community center, or at a place of worship to which many of your families belong. You may want us to give a talk on "Overcoming Obstacles" or "Bringing The Peace Zone To Your Home" to a Parent/Faculty Meeting or another Community Event. You may need another kind of talk or workshop that meets your specific needs in your individual communities. We're here to help.

We're here to "help you help your students" - and anyone and everyone that affects their lives.

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Thank you for visiting our web site and for your interest in raising the spirit of peace in our classrooms.

Thank you for loving our children and for wishing them a better world.

Thank you for your desire to develop students of strong character that will create peaceful cultures.

Thank you for nurturing not just the intellect of our children, but also nurturing their hearts.

Thank you for opening your minds to innovative ideas and the willingness to try a different way.

Thank you for believing in the innate goodness of children and adults.

Thank you for the realization that the foundation for learning begins with the atmosphere that we create.

We know that you've done all these things, by the very act of perusing our site.
We hope that you'll be glad you did.